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1. Company Name
  • Company Name: IL KWANG VINA CO., LTD.
  • Address: Nhon Trach I Industrial Zone, Hiep Phuoc Town, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai pro.
  • Tel: +84 02513 569 591 Fax : +84 02513 569 590
  • Number of Investment License: 54/GP-KCN-DN, September 22, 2000, permits adjustment of 54/GPDC1-KCN-DN June 24, 2002, the certificate of adjusted investment licenses 54/GPDC3/47/2 March 9, 2009 and the 54/GPDC4/47/2 April 19, 2010 by the Management Board of Dong Nai industrial zones.
  • Industry: Dyeing fabric in accordance with international standards and requirements of the domestic market of diverse models, high quality dye for cloth.
2. Owner:
  • Owner: Mr: JUNG PIL HO, Korean nationality
  • Representative: Mr. HONG SUNG JOON - Position: Director
3. Area of activity

IL KWANG VINA Co., Ltd. with a total surface area is 15,000 m2, which includes the works: the main factory and a number of other items such as office, dining room, home protection, the parks, wastewater treatment system ... in areas of Nhon Trach I Industrial Zone, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai pro.

4. The size / capacity, uptime of the facility

4.1. Scale and employer needs

Factory premises area is 2,600 m2, 150 m2 of office space and a number of items such as stadiums, roads, trees and other ancillary works ...
Demand for labor in the company of 65 people, including directors, managers, accountants, salespeople, protection, production workers ...

4.2. Type of activity

KWANG VINA Co., Ltd. specializes in high quality fabrics dyed in accordance with international standards and requirements of the domestic market of diverse models, high quality dye for cloth. Activity staining and finishing of the project will provide the types of products suitable for the production of ready-made garments and garment accessories in the country, in line with long-term growth trend in Vietnam.

5. Manufacturing Process 

6. Products 
  •  100% Cotton Fabrics such as CD7, CD10, CD14, Cd16, CD20, CD30
  • The items T / C, CVC, such as T / C 65/35 (110 * 76), T / C 65/35 (104 * 54), CVC 60/40 (110 * 76), CVC 60/40 (120 * 60) ...
  • 100% poly fabrics such as polyester (PE), Poly Acrylic (PA)
  • Other items such as spandex khaki, Rayol, LINE, ...
  • In addition our company also can make the metal fragment shaped like Stretch, room features, reports the (Peach), Personnel ball, do hard, soft, ... depending on customer needs.
  • For customers in need of fabric ready to provide us with quality fabrics and types match your request.
  • With technology and modern machinery we believe will give customers satisfaction and trust in the quality of the products we make.